Etihad Museum Hosts UAE Postal History Exhibition – ‘Emirates to the World’

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The exhibition is the first to be hosted by the Etihad Museum since it opened its doors to the public, and documents the UAE's postal history from its inception to the creation of the UAE


Dubai – The United Arab Emirates, 28 January 2017: Dubai Culture & Arts Authority (Dubai Culture), the Emirate's dedicated entity for culture, arts and heritage, has opened an exhibition dedicated to the Emirate's postal history – 'Emirates to the World: Postal History from 1909 to Unification.' It is the first exhibition to be hosted by the Etihad Museum since it opened its doors to the public, and runs from 7th January until 30th April 2017 with many related events and activities.

This exhibition tells the story of the Emirate's postal services in the Emirates from their earliest days through to the UAE unification in 1971 will be showcased through stamps, letters, artworks and archives found in the extraordinary private collection of Mr. Abdulla Khoory, President of Emirates Philatelic Association. For the purpose of the exhibition, Mr. Khoory's collection has been augmented with objects and images supplied by Emirates Post and a number of other historical archives. The exhibition is accompanied by workshops for adults and children who are interested in postal history, letter writing, and the popular subject of philately (stamp collecting).

Abdullah Mohammed Al Falasi, Director of Etihad Museum, said: "We are pleased to introduce our first exhibition at Etihad Museum, which is focused on developing national awareness and understanding of the UAE's history, and encouraging the exchange of academic knowledge between students, experts and all members of society. With this exhibition, the museum will provide an essential historical resource for younger UAE generations, residents and visitors."

Abdullah Al Falasi added: "The evolution of the UAE's postal services reflects the story of the Nation's growth, in which communication has played a vital role by strengthening the country's internal discourse while also connecting it with the wider world. Dubai Culture applauds Mr. Khoory for preserving this precious part of UAE history, and is delighted to now be able to share it with visitors."   

The exhibition run has already featured an engaging panel discussion hosted by Abdullah Khoory, who shared personal thoughts about philately and his unique postal collection, which dates back to the early twentieth century and includes stamps from across the seven Emirates. 

The exhibition begins at the birth of the Emirate's local postal services in 1909, when written letters first became a trusted and efficient mean of communication. Thanks to its breadth and completeness, Khoory's collection captures much of this fascinating period and offers visitors a glimpse back into an era that had not yet seen the dawn of digital communication, or even the unification of the Emirates.  

The Etihad Museum is open from 10am to 8pm, seven days a week and all-year-round. Admission fees range from AED 25 for ages 25 and above, AED 20 per person for group bookings and AED 10 for ages 5 to 24. Children under the age of 5 enjoy free entry and there is no admission fee for visitors with special needs. The museum also offers specially designed NOL cards for AED 35.

Located on Dubai's Jumeirah Beach, Etihad Museum is situated beneath Union House – the historic location where the Union Agreement was signed in 1971. In addition to immersing themselves in UAE heritage at the exhibition, visitors are also able to enjoy reading books at the Dubai Public Library branch within the museum, which holds three thousand different titles on the UAE's national and social history.

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